Disney Cruise Kids Clubs: From Tots to Teens Guide (2023)

Mickey & Kids Dancing inside of Disney Cruise Kids Club
Mickey & Kids Dancing inside of Disney Cruise Kids Club Courtesy of Disney.

Disney Cruise Kids Clubs are super cool places to have tons of fun! They have different clubs for kids of all ages, and you get to meet Disney characters and go on incredible adventures. There’s a special place for little kids called “It’s a Small World,” older kids can be superheroes at the “Marvel Super Hero Academy.”

They can also play in “Andy’s Room” like in the Toy Story movies. The counselors there make sure everyone is safe and having a good time. There are fun games, activities, and chances to meet Disney friends.

What are all the disney cruise kids clubs?

Inside of “it's a small world” Nursery
Inside of “it’s a small world” Nursery Courtesy of Disney

“it’s a small world” Nursery (Ages 6 months to 3 years)

The “It’s a Small World” Nursery is a Disney cruise kids club made for the littlest sailors. Like the famous song, it’s a small world where babies and toddlers can play, nap, and have fun in a safe and cozy environment.

The caregivers are friendly and take good care of the little ones so that parents can have some grown-up time too. With colorful toys, soft places to rest, and lots of cheerful activities, the nursery is happy for the youngest cruisers to make new friends and enjoy their magical adventures on the high seas.

The Decompression Area

The Decompression Area in the “It’s a Small World” Nursery on Disney Cruise is designed to feel calm and comfortable for little ones. It’s a quiet hideaway where babies and toddlers can have a break from all the fun and excitement.

With soft lights, gentle colors, and cozy spaces, it’s a perfect place for kids to relax, rest, and maybe even nap. Caregivers ensure everything is peaceful, and parents can trust that their little explorers are in good hands.

The Nap Room

The Nap Area in the “It’s a Small World” Nursery on Disney Cruises is a dreamy space where tired little adventurers can take a cozy nap. With soft blankets, gentle music, and a peaceful atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for babies and toddlers to catch some Zs while sailing the seas.

Whether a quick power nap or a more extended snooze, the Nap Area provides a safe and soothing place for young cruisers to recharge their energy and prepare for more exciting activities on the ship.

The Play Room

The Play Room in the “It’s a Small World” Nursery on Disney Cruises is a magical space where young explorers can have a blast with toys, games, and creative activities. It’s a place where imaginations run wild and new friendships are made.

From building blocks to cuddly stuffed animals, there’s something for every little adventurer to enjoy. The Play Room is like a treasure trove of joy, where babies and toddlers can giggle, play, and make beautiful memories during their cruise adventure.

(“It’s a Small World” Nursery is available on every ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet)

Entrance to Disney's Oceaneer Club
Entrance to Disney’s Oceaneer Club Courtesy of Disney

Disney’s Oceaneer Kids Club (Ages 3 to 12)

The Oceaneer Club on Disney Cruise Line ships offers endless excitement and adventure for kids. It’s like stepping into a world of magic where favorite Disney characters come to life. From themed play areas like Andy’s Room from Toy Story to the high-tech marvel of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, there’s something for every young explorer.

With interactive games, arts and crafts tables, and even special appearances by beloved characters, the Oceaneer Club is a hub of creativity and fun. Specially trained counselors ensure everyone has a great time and stays safe. It’s a place where kids can immerse themselves in their favorite stories and create their own unforgettable tales while sailing on the high seas.

Kids interacting with spiderman at Marvel Super Hero Academy
Kids interacting with spiderman at Marvel Super Hero Academy Courtesy of Disney

Marvel Super Hero Academy

The Marvel Super Hero Academy on Disney Cruise Line ships is a thrilling haven for kids who love superheroes and action-packed adventures. It’s a place where they can unleash their inner superhero and train alongside iconic Marvel characters.

From Spider-Man’s web-slinging lessons to learning the ways of the Avengers, the academy is packed with exciting missions and challenges. Cutting-edge technology and interactive activities make you feel like you’re part of the Marvel Universe. (Available on Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, and Disney Wish)

Kids creating their own rides inside of Walt Disney Imagineering Lab on Disney Wish
Kids creating their own rides inside of Walt Disney Imagineering Lab Courtesy of Disney

Walt Disney Imagineering Lab

The Walt Disney Imagineering Lab on Disney Cruise Line ships is where kids can learn about making fun things, just like at Disney parks. You can do hands-on activities and discover how Disney magic is created. Using computers, you can build mini roller coasters and make your own animated stories.

Imagineers, who are like Disney’s super creative experts, will help your kids learn and have fun. They’ll show them how to turn ideas into real things, like rides and characters. The lab is a place where you can use your imagination to make cool stuff and learn how Disney makes its fantastic magic happen. (Available only on the Disney Wish)

Kids creating crowns at Fairytale Hall
Kids creating crowns at Fairytale Hall Courtesy of Disney

Fairytale Hall

Fairy Tale Hall on Disney Cruise Line ships is a magical space where kids can meet and interact with their favorite Disney princesses and characters. It’s like stepping into a storybook come to life! In this enchanting hall, young cruisers get to have personal encounters with beloved princesses, take photos, and even chat with them about their fairy tale adventures.

From Cinderella to Ariel, each encounter is a chance to make special memories and feel like you’re part of a real fairy tale. The hall is beautifully decorated, making it feel like a royal palace where dreams come true. Whether in a beautiful ball gown or just excited to see your favorite characters, Fairy Tale Hall is a magical destination where wishes and imagination take center stage on the high seas. (Available only on the Disney Wish)

(Disney’s Oceaneer Club is available on every ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet)

Kids hanging out at Edge kids club
Kids hanging out at Edge kids club Courtesy of Disney

Edge Kids Club (Ages 11-14)

Edge on Disney Cruise ships is a fantastic tweens only space. It’s like a super cool hangout where young cruisers can make new friends and have a blast! In Edge, they can play video games, participate in creative activities, and even have spaces to chill and chat with buddies.

It’s a safe and fun environment where they can join in on exciting challenges and themed parties. With friendly counselors around to guide the fun, Edge is a place where you can be yourself, try new things, and enjoy being a bit older but still a kid at heart. It’s the perfect spot to have fun and make memories for tweens during their Disney cruise adventure.

That’s Hilarious

In the fun style of the TV show “So Random!” on Disney Channel, kids will learn how to make up funny scenes and act them out. They’ll use fantastic costumes, special effects, and camera tricks to make their own comedy show.

After practicing, they’ll put their skills to the test and perform live in front of other kids of the same age group in the club. Lights. Camera. Action and get ready to be on your own hilarious TV show right on the ship!

A Pirate’s Life for Me

“A Pirate’s Life for Me” at the Edge Youth Club on Disney Cruises is an exciting adventure. It’s all about the world of pirates and their unique quests on the high seas. Your kids get to join in on thrilling games, make cool pirate crafts, and even dress up like a swashbuckler.

With friendly counselors to guide the way, they’ll learn about pirate legends and maybe even create their own pirate story. Whether hunting for hidden treasure or setting sail on imaginary pirate ships, “A Pirate’s Life for Me” at Edge is a fun and unforgettable journey into the exciting world of pirates during their Disney cruise.

Descendant’s Den DJ Spin Off

The “Descendants’ Den DJ Spin-Off” at the Edge Youth Club on Disney Cruises is a super cool event that lets kids become a DJ, just like in the “Descendants” movies! They’ll get to step into the music world and spin awesome beats.

They’ll learn to mix songs, create fun playlists, and get everyone dancing. With high-tech equipment and guidance from the counselors, they’ll get to show off their DJ skills and rock the dance floor. It’s a chance to feel like a real DJ and have a blast with your friends.

(Disney’s Edge Youth Club is available on every ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet)

Teens hanging out at Vibe kids club Courtesy of Disney

Vibe Kids Club (Ages 14 to 17)

The Vibe Teen Club on Disney Cruises is an excellent hangout made just for teens! It’s a calm space where they can have teen fun, relax, and make new friends. Vibe has everything from watching movies on big screens to playing games and joining in on themed teen dance parties.

They’ll find comfy spots to chill and chat, and even some outdoor areas to enjoy the view. The best part? They get to be in a place just for teens, away from the younger kids. With friendly counselors and lots of exciting activities, Vibe is the perfect spot for them to have a blast, be yourself, and make memories during your Disney cruise adventure.

Teens playing video games

The Ultimate Gamers Dream

At the heart of Vibe Youth Club on Disney Cruises, there’s a super cool place where teens can hang out and have fun. It’s a media room called the hangout central, and it’s like a space from the future with really cool technology. Imagine a huge TV screen – it’s even bigger than what you might have at home, like 103 inches!

You can watch a movie or play video games on it; the sound is impressive because it comes from all around you. But it’s not just about the cool stuff; there are also comfy seats to sit and enjoy. It’s like having a unique movie theater or game room on the cruise ship. Whether you’re into movies or playing video games together, this place is all about having a great time in an excellent space.

Outdoor lounge area at Vibe Kids Club
Outdoor lounge area at Vibe Kids Club Courtesy of Disney

Get Some sun

At Vibe Youth Club on Disney Cruises, there’s a special place outside just for teens. It’s called the outdoor sundeck, right at the front of the ship. They can hang out and enjoy the sun without leaving the fantastic club. The sundeck has these elegant chairs and lounges where they can sit and relax.

But don’t worry about getting too hot – there are splash pools, pop jets, and misters to help you stay cool. And if you want to play games, there’s ping-pong and foosball. You can even play big board games on a giant checkerboard floor. So, if you wish to have fun or relax, the outdoor sundeck at Vibe is an excellent spot for teens to enjoy the sun and the sea view!

(Disney’s Vibe Youth Club is available on every ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet)

Disney Cruise Line Youth Clubs FAQ

Which Kid’s Clubs are Free on a Disney Cruise?

All Disney cruise kids clubs are free for all onboard guests, except for “It’s a small world nursery.”

A small world nursery costs $4.50 per half hour, or $9.00 per hour for your first child, $4.00 per half hour, or $8.00 per hour for every additional child. Due to the size of this area, it is highly recommended you make a reservation early.

The reservation Booking period is as follows.

Concierge and Platinum Castaway Club Guests: 120 days before your sail date

Gold Castaway Club Guests: 105 days before your sail date

Silver Castaway Club Guests: 90 days before your sail date

First-time cruisers: 75 days before your sail date

How Long Can Kids Stay at Kids Club on a Disney Cruise?

There is no limit for kids to spend time in the kids clubs. However, every club has hours of operation, and it’s best to check kids clubs hours on your Disney cruise line app or check with the concierge once on board.

What Else Will My Child Need for the Nursery on a Disney Cruise?

Disney’s caring counselors will gladly feed and change your child if needed. If it applies, parents can bring the following things when they drop off their child:

Baby food, formula, milk, and bottles

Own Diapers or pull-ups, and wipes for diaper changes

Extra clothes

A cozy baby blanket

A pacifier

Just remember, if your child is under 12 months old, they can only have pacifiers without any attachments in their own space in their crib.

How do I Book a spot in Disney Cruise kids clubs?

Create an Account: If you still need to, create an account on the Disney Cruise Line website. You’ll need your cruise reservation number to do this.

Access My Online Check-In: Log in to your account and find the “My Disney Cruise” section. Look for the option to complete the Online Check-In or Personal Information section.

Add Your Child: During the Online Check-In process, you’ll be prompted to provide information about each child participating in the kids clubs. This includes their names, ages, and any special requirements they might have.

Select Activities: As part of the Online Check-In process, you can reserve activities, including spots in the kids clubs. Look for the specific options for youth activities or kids clubs and make your selections.

Review and Confirm: Once selected, review the information to ensure it’s accurate. Confirm your choices and complete the Online Check-In process.

Check for Confirmation: After you’ve completed the Online Check-In, you should receive a confirmation email that includes details about the activities and kids clubs you’ve reserved.

How many Disney cruise ships are there?

Disney Currently has five ships in its fleet

Disney Wish

Disney Magic

Disney Dream

Disney Fantasy

Disney Wonder

You can read a full ranking breakdown on the ships here

Disney Cruise Kids clubs

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