Discover the Best Cenotes Cancun Has to Offer in 2023!

Imagine diving into crystal-clear waters, swimming through underwater caves, and exploring ancient Mayan ruins. Welcome to the enchanting world of cenotes in Cancun! Here, you’ll discover the best cenotes Cancun has to offer, learn about the different types of cenotes found in the region, and uncover the best tips for visiting these natural wonders.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Let’s dive in!

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Exploring Cenotes Near Cancun

A beautiful cenote in Cancun, lush with greenery

A beautiful cenote in Cancun, lush with greenery

Cenotes are incredibly sacred to the ancient Mayans and are a significant part of the Riviera Maya’s natural beauty. These sinkholes are filled with fresh water and connected by amazing underground rivers. In the Cancun area, you’ll find cenotes perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Some of the most popular cenotes near Cancun include:
  • Cenote Azul (Blue Cenote)

  • Gran Cenote

  • Cenote Escondido

  • Cenote Cristalino

  • Cenote Sac Actun

  • Cenote Minotauro

  • and many more!

When visiting these cenotes, folks enjoy activities such as:
  • swimming

  • snorkeling

  • diving

  • exploring the caves and tunnels of a cave cenote

You can reach these natural underground pools by car, small local vans known as colectivos, or by joining a tour.

Cenote Azul: A Turquoise Paradise

Cenote Azul is an open-air cenote with crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and cliff jumping. Located about an hour and 20 minutes south of Cancun, close to Playa del Carmen, this turquoise paradise is a must-visit destination for those who love exploring cenotes.

Beyond the breathtaking allure of Cenote Azul, you can find other cenotes nearby:
  • Casa Cenote: offers swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding

  • Cenote Cristalino: offers swimming and snorkeling

  • Cenote Jardin del Eden: offers swimming, snorkeling, and cliff jumping

Cenote Dos Ojos: An Underwater Wonderland

The crystal clear waters of Cenote Dos Ojos, one of the most beautiful cenotes Cancun has to offer.

The crystal clear waters of Cenote Dos Ojos, one of the most beautiful cenotes Cancun has to offer.

Welcome to Cenote Dos Ojos, an incredibly popular diving and snorkeling spot with two connected cenotes and a fantastic underwater cave system. Easily accessible from the central highway north of Tulum, Cenote Dos Ojos is home to the stunning Ojo Azul (Blue Eye) and Ojo Negro (Black Eye) cenotes.

At Cenote Dos Ojos, visitors can snorkel with a waterproof flashlight or participate in a diving group to discover the larger and more impressive aquifer of Dos Ojos. The cenote is open from 8 am to 5 pm. Visiting within 1-2 hours of opening is recommended to avoid crowds. The park also includes other unique cenotes – Sac Actun, Taaj Bi Ha, and Cenote Nicte Ha – which are worth checking out if you have time.

Cenote Siete Bocas: AKA Cenote de 7 bocas

At Cenote Siete Bocas, you’ll discover open-air pools and captivating caverns for swimming and snorkeling in the clear, azure waters. Remember to bring your own food and drinks, but leave the sunblock behind, as a quick shower is required before entry.

Plenty of shaded areas and private pavilions encircle the cenote, along with clean restrooms and changing facilities. The staff will provide life jackets, but bring your snorkel gear!

Ruta de los Cenotes: A Road to Adventure

The Ruta de los Cenotes is a scenic route featuring numerous cenotes. Each cenote offers unique experiences and activities for visitors, and because they’re off the beaten path, they’re a great way to get away from the crowds of the more commercial cenotes.

Along this captivating Ruta de Cenotes, you’ll find a variety of cenotes, such as:
  • Cenote Verde Lucero

  • Cenote Boca del Puma (has two cenotes)

  • Cenote Las Mojarras

  • Cenote La Noria

  • Cenote Tamcach-Ha

  • Cenote Multum Ha

  • Cenote Tankach-Ha

  • Cenote Choo-Ha

  • Cenote Suytun

  • Cenote Xkeken

  • Cenote Samula

  • Cenote Kin Há

These cenotes offer activities like:
  • Swimming

  • Snorkeling

  • View of stunning rock formations

  • Zip-lining

  • ATVs

  • Horse riding

  • Cliff jumping

  • Kayaking

  • Rappelling

Rental car services from Cancun are easily available, and Ruta De Los Cenotes is accessible via car. Cancun also offers some great tour options if you’d like the security and structure of a guide.

Fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself for an adventurous road trip of unforgettable memories along the Ruta de los Cenotes!

The Three Types of Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula

Photo of a cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula, taken by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

Photo of a cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula, taken by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

The cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula present an exhilarating blend of open, semi-open cenote, and underground formations.

Open cenotes, the oldest type, have no ceiling or rocky vault, making them look like small lagoons, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Semi-open cenotes are amazing caves with small holes in the ceiling that allow light to pass through, making the water crystal clear and perfect for snorkeling.

On the other hand, the underground cenotes (cave cenotes) offer a more mysterious and adventurous experience for visitors.

Cave cenotes are closed and have no daylight, which makes them perfect for diving. You will need a guide and flashlight to admire the awe-inspiring stalagmites and stalactites.

Each type of cenote offers a unique and thrilling experience, so be sure to explore as many as you can while visiting the Yucatan Peninsula!

Tips for Visiting Cenotes

Photo of cenote rock formations, taken by Ró & Photography on Pexels

Photo of cenote rock formations, taken by Ró & Photography on Pexels

To maximize your cenote adventure, be sure to come prepared. Here are some items you should bring:

  • Waterproof dry bag

  • Long-sleeve bathing suit (rash guard)

  • Wide-brim sun hat

  • Organic sunscreen

  • Anti-mosquito bands

  • Water shoes

Visiting cenotes during the hours when they are least busy is ideal. The best times to go are either within 1-2 hours of opening or 1-2 hours of closing. Following this advice and visiting a semi-open cenote on a sunny day will guarantee gorgeous, crowd-free photos to remember your journey!

Prioritizing safety is crucial when visiting cenotes. Bring a life jacket if you are a non-swimmer, keep an eye on your valuables, and buy travel insurance. Mosquitoes are present during the rainy season, so remember your anti-mosquito bands.

The only sunscreen that is allowed to be worn is organic, reef-friendly sunscreen. You can find some from Sun Bum. Regular sunscreen has chemicals that are harmful to the delicate ecosystem of cenotes.

Top Cenotes for Diving Enthusiasts

A scuba diver diving the best cenotes Cancun has to offer

A scuba diver diving the best cenotes Cancun has to offer

For those who love exploring the depths of the earth, here is a selection of the best cenotes for scuba diving, featuring unique underwater landscapes and diverse marine life.

One such cenote is Cenote El Pit, the deepest cenote in the area, only for scuba diving and free diving.

Another top diving cenote is the Cenote Tajma Ha (45ft deep), known for being the ideal place for cave diving. Located just an hour and a half from Cancun by car, Cenote Tajma Ha is easily accessible for an exciting diving adventure.

Equip yourself with your favorite gear and plunge into the enchanting realm of Cancun’s top diving cenotes!

Best Cenotes For Families

Photo of a family swimming in a cenote, taken by Ali Alcántara on Pexels

Photo of a family swimming in a cenote, taken by Ali Alcántara on Pexels

Family-friendly cenotes offer a range of exciting activities and facilities, such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and playgrounds, making them perfect for families with children to enjoy. Some excellent examples of family-friendly cenotes include Cenote Zacil-Ha, Cenote Azul, and Cenote Cristalino.

These family-friendly cenotes provide an enjoyable and accessible experience for visitors of all ages, ensuring everyone can enjoy exploring the beauty of these natural wonders.

So pack your essentials and embark on an unforgettable family journey to Cancun’s most welcoming cenotes for families!

Lesser-Known Hidden Gems

For those seeking a more secluded and authentic experience away from the crowds, lesser-known cenotes are the perfect hidden gems to explore. Some of the thrilling, lesser-known cenotes in the Cancun area include:

  • Cenote Ik Kil

  • Cenote Suytun

  • Cenote Dos Ojos

  • Cenote Oxman

  • Cenote Zaci

Photo of Cenote Ik Kil by Laura LaBrie on Unsplash

Photo of Cenote Ik Kil by Laura LaBrie on Unsplash

Of all the cenotes mentioned, Cenote Ik Kil epitomizes the captivating beauty of cenotes. This cenote’s emerald-hued waters will beckon you to plunge into its refreshing depths. Vines and tropical foliage drape gracefully down its limestone walls, creating an almost mystical atmosphere.

As you descend into the cenote, the soothing sound of cascading waterfalls and the soft chirping of birds provide a serene backdrop to this subterranean paradise. Cenote Ik Kil is a natural marvel and testament to the ancient Mayan civilization. Nearby archaeological sites like Chichen Itza offer a glimpse into the area’s rich history. This breathtaking cenote is a must-visit destination for those seeking natural beauty and cultural intrigue in the Yucatán Peninsula.

Visiting these off-the-beaten-path cenotes can be an incredibly unique and rewarding experience. They’re often less crowded and have a more peaceful and serene atmosphere.

So, if you consider yourself adventurous, stray off the usual route and discover the hidden treasures of Cancun’s less frequented cenotes above!

Combining Cenote Visits with Cultural Attractions

Photo of Cenote Ik Kill by Pedro Mestres on Unsplash

Photo of Cenote Ik Kill by Pedro Mestres on Unsplash

Why not make the most of your trip to Cancun by combining cenote visits with nearby cultural and historical sites? This exciting approach allows you to experience the best of both worlds: the stunning beauty of the cenotes and the rich, captivating history and culture of the nearby sites.

Some thrilling examples of cenote visits combined with cultural attractions could include:
  • Visiting the Tulum Ruins and Gran Cenote (11 minutes apart)

  • Discovering the Chichen Itza archaeological site and Cenote Ik Kil (9 minutes apart)

  • Stunning tours of the Coba Ruins and Cenote Tankach-Ha (15 minutes apart)

Combining cenote visits with cultural attractions offers a unique and enriching experience you’ll treasure forever.

When planning your combined cenote and cultural visits, it’s important to:
  • Plan ahead and research the sites you plan to visit

  • Bring the necessary supplies

  • Be aware of the safety guidelines for each site

  • Respect the environment and follow any rules or regulations the cenote or cultural site might have

Enjoy the cenotes and cultural attractions of the Riviera Maya in a single, memorable expedition!

Cenote Safety and Conservation

Scuba divers in a cenote near Playa Del Carmen

Scuba divers in a cenote near Playa Del Carmen

Maintaining safety and conservation are crucial to consider when visiting these delicate ecosystems. To stay safe while visiting cenotes, be sure to:

  • Stay away from cenotes during inclement weather, as they are susceptible to flash flooding

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear to maintain balance on slippery surfaces

  • Always follow the safety instructions of the cenote staff.

Regarding conservation, it’s vital to safeguard these beautiful natural wonders for the enjoyment of future generations. When visiting cenotes, opt for a long-sleeve bathing suit and a wide-brim sun hat instead of sunscreen, and apply sunscreen only after getting out of the cenote. Remember to shower before entering the cenotes, as this helps to keep the water clean and pristine.


From the breathtaking beauty of Cenote Azul to the thrilling underwater adventures at Cenote Dos Ojos, Cancun’s cenotes offer a world of wonder and excitement for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re a diving enthusiast, a family on vacation, or a traveler seeking hidden gems, there’s a cenote in Cancun waiting to be discovered.

As you embark on your cenote adventure, remember to stay safe, respect the environment, and take the time to appreciate the stunning natural beauty surrounding you. Plunge into the magical world of cenotes and create lasting memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Adios!

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Cenotes Cancun Has to Offer

Light shining down on a man in a cave cenote

Light shining down on a man in a cave cenote

What is the best way to visit Cancun cenotes?

Renting a car is an ideal option for sightseeing Cancun cenotes. This method allows for more flexibility and freedom to explore. However, you can also take a colectivo (small bus or van for shared riders) or join a tour.

What safety concerns should I be aware of when visiting cenotes?

Check for rainy weather that has the potential for flash floods, be aware of slippery surfaces, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Are cenotes accessible to people with disabilities?

It depends on the disability. Most cenotes are inaccessible to people in wheelchairs, but you should check with the staff before visiting cenotes to ensure they suit your needs.

When can you apply sunscreen when visiting cenotes?

Apply sunscreen only after getting out of the cenote. Most cenotes require you to shower before getting in, which will most likely wash away any sunscreen you’ve applied. Opt for a long-sleeved bathing suit and a wide-brim sun hat instead of sunscreen.

What is a cenote in Cancun?

Discover the stunning beauty of a cenote — an underground pool formed by the collapse of the roof of an underground cavern in Cancun. Explore these unique natural wonders and their pristine, refreshing waters.

Is it OK to swim in cenotes?

Yes, swimming in cenotes is safe and provides an enjoyable experience. But, just like any body of water, you should only enter if you’re a strong swimmer. That being said, the caves protect the waters from the elements, so there’s no current or waves, no predators, and no risk of rip tides. Pack your swimsuit and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

What do you wear to cenotes?

Leave your tennis shoes at home and bring some water shoes, sandals, or flip-flops to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

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